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Hello my name is: Icicle Audacity. All I see are ghxsts. I'm the misguided stride for self improvement - a sadistic, futuristic machine. A hollow cold emitted through vibrant lights, it’s a warm as wool winter but I’ve got a chill I can’t shake. This is what I am & I think I’m fine in my own misguidance. My bones are frozen, my marrow has turned to ice - my body is just a body, a corpse without a head. I'm just a vessel & my brain has long been dead.

Dylan McAmmond
En Vogue Photography

"That's really the only thing that matters to me, is that I make art for a living. And if I make art for a living... I win."

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(Fuck everythin’, man) that’s what my conscience said. Then it bunny hopped off my shoulder, now my conscience dead. Now the only guidance that I had is splattered on cement – Actions speak louder than words, let me try this shit, dead.

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I’m a fucking walking paradox.

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I got tha tastiest name in town, no one can keep it outta’ their mouth. “Finally someone let me outta my cage – now time for me is nothin’ cuz I’m countin’ no age.”

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Hold on to what you believe – in the light – when the darkness has robbed you of all your sight.

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burned every bridge over the troubled water

Fuck education for a decade and 3 years of headaches from my peers. ‘Cause now I realize I could have learned more on my own, they taught me how to know everything except my soul, which is everything I need to grow – Everything that keeps me whole.

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Rain Everyone wants to get out of the rain, wants to be free, wants to see no more pain. We’re guaranteed that the season will change, ’til then, I’m keeping sunshine on my brain. When the drops hit my head they leave a stain, everyone wants to get out of the rain. We cannot avoid […]

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pick a card, any card

“in an effort to make ’em all see what I found in my life I decided to give ’em a look – none of ’em gave it a glimpse and I guess that I’m sitting in the middle of an unread book.”

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r.i.p eydea

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